On the Western border formed a queue at the checkpoints of shehyni, Krakovets and Pears, – gpsu

На западной границе образовались очереди на пунктах пропуска Шегини, Краковец и Грушев, - ГПСУ

In Western Ukraine at the border line observed at the checkpoint “shehyni”, “Krakovets” and “Pears”, “Rava-Russkaya” there is no accumulation of transport. This was announced by the speaker of the state border service Andrey Demchenko comments in the “112 Ukraine”.

“Now not only “shehyni” and other checkpoints on the Western border marked accumulation of vehicles. As for the border checkpoint “shehyni”, because of the failure of industrial electricity has been to implement the design time. We immediately hooked a diesel generator to restore the checkpoint. Currently, the movement a bit too slowly through the checkpoint”, – told in SBS.

As of 14:30 on the checkpoint “shehyni” about 170 cars were Queuing to leave Ukraine.

“The next is “”, 150 cars, “Pears” 100, “Rava-Russkaya” at the moment the queue is not present. Full diesel generator, I think, will be able to earn only an hour, but it does not produce current, which is required for full operation of the checkpoint,” – said Andriy Demchenko.

As previously reported, the checkpoint “shehyni” traffic slowed because of a failure of the transformer substation.

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