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“Why hate us, we the poor?”

Why is the world without love ?


After breaks the taboo on Jews, on Blacks and the Arabs during the first season, the second season of Why we hate ?, hard-hitting documentary series in three parts, is now to ingrained prejudices against women, homosexuals and the poor. Haunted by the memory of a sexual assault and derogatory remark to a colleague, actress Juliette Arnaud is interested in the history of misogyny in order to understand why it still persists. Out of the closet for twenty years, the man of cinema Gurwann Tran Van Gie is facing his best friend and his mother, who had reacted very badly at the time. Ex-socialist deputy Michel Pouzol remembers with great emotion the time he lived with his wife and their three children in a cottage. Three documentaries, which mix with the cage as they remind us that there are still many battles to wage against the ignorance and narrow-mindedness.

Why we hate-they, the women ?
Why hate us, we the poor ?
Why we hate-they, we homosexuals ?
Planet+, Sundays, 31 December, 7 January and 14 January, 19: 30

Christmas music



Launched in 2011 with Fred Pellerin, the tradition of the Christmas tale of the OSM continues this year with the adaptation of The chasse-galerie by Michel Tremblay. Directed by René-Richard Cyr, narrated by Laurent Paquin, directed by Kent Nagano, this concert is sure to delight music lovers.

The devil-bark canoe
Radio-Canada, Saturday, 19 h

A place in the sun


States TV

Written and directed by Joannie Lafrenière, the warm and luminous documentary Snowbirds is interested in people of old age who has chosen to spend six months per year in Miami. And this, even if many of them barely speak English ! Putting it nicely the emphasis on the kitsch of the place, the documentary develops a complicity footprint of respect and empathy with each of the stakeholders, including the irresistible Agatha, dainty widow octogenarian who still dream to meet a man own on him.

States TV, Tuesday, 21 h

The streaming of the week



If you’re not the kind to celebrate the new year glued to the tv, the platform Tou.tv you can give your opinion on the Bye Bye, national sport for the first days of January. Recall that Simon-Olivier Fecteau is back at the helm of this unmissable annual event that will feature Anne Dorval, Veronique Claveau, Marc Labrèche, Pierre Brassard, Patrice L’écuyer. Will also be put online reviews humorous Infoman 2017 with the incisive Jean-René Dufort and In the next year with the merry band of Philippe Laguë. A way as any to sleep off his eggnog.


The next year, Infoman 2017, Bye Bye, 2017
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