Oncology patient Karachentsov went to the hospital directly from the Banquet

The founder of the theatrical Fund and of the school of arts of the famous artist Nikolay Karachentsov went to the hospital after the deterioration of cancer. However, for the sake of the anniversary of their Foundation, which was celebrated at the Moscow theatre “Modern” artist and his wife arrived straight from the hospital.


Nikolai Petrovich Karachentsov, the founder of the school of art and his own theatrical Fund, fell very ill with cancer at the age of 73 years. At the end of November it became known that the actor was admitted to the hospital in order to undergo inpatient treatment. However, for the 15th anniversary of his Foundation, Karachentsov left the hospital room and came to the event in the Moscow theatre “Modern”. During the celebration, guests and fans of Nicholas pleasing compositions of the execution of the artist, as well as productions and filming the performances in which the artist participated. Many colleagues and admirers Karachentsov came to the artist with congratulations and words of support.

Wife Karachentsova noted that immediately after the holiday, they will return back to the hospital, that would continue the fight against cancer.