One day ATO forces destroyed 100 terrorists

Ukrainian checkpoint
Ukrainian checkpoint

About a hundred terrorists managed to eliminate the forces of ATO during the day. They destroyed – one installation “Grad”, armored personnel carriers, BRDM and KAMAZ, spokesman Staff antyterorestychnoyi operation. Says – Ukrainian defense managed to hold the position of the Lugansk airport.

“During the last days of the loss of the enemy is 1 system” Grad “, 1 armored vehicle, 1 BRDM 1 KAMAZ and about a hundred terrorists. Continued fighting Ukrainian paratroopers. Besides continuing attacks on our troops nearby district. Claim. Lenin, Pobeda, Lutugina, thin, Kirov. on the part of the Russian Federation with the “Hurricane” were fired at our positions Merry Mount “- said Matyuhin.

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