One of the first terminal that accepts bills pack In Ternopil

1211-300x218In Ternopil was the first self-service terminal, which accepts bills are not one and the whole bundle. The press service of Privatbank.

“Innovation terminal will be very convenient for those who need to make a large sum of cash. This could be, for example, making revenue sales representatives, entrepreneurs and legal entities – says Vitali Vahivskyy, Deputy Head of ATM and terminal network Ternopil branch Privat. – A whole new approach to customer service terminals self-sufficient now to put a pack of bills and count them myself terminal that will save time for customers. ”

The press-service financial institution indicated that these terminals can receive at once a pack of 20 pieces. “Very soon, Privat, focusing on the needs of its customers, plans to install terminals for receiving bills in large stores of the city” – assured Privat.

We have to take advantage of convenience “pachkovyh” Privat terminals can of Ternopil at st. Zhivov, 40 (near the bus station).

Note Privat recently introduced another innovation – began to establish external self-service terminals street type. Now for the implementation of most banking not even need to go into the office – we can make it on their own and at any convenient time.

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