One polling station for the French in the eastern part of the province

The Quebec section of the Agence Francais du Monde does not worry about the end of e-voting in the June legislative elections for French people living abroad.

Electronic voting had been used only once for expatriates, that is to say during the legislative elections of 2012 when there were added constituencies to represent the French living abroad. He had never served for the presidential elections. It was the fears of a cyber attack that led the Department of Foreign Affairs to put an end to the experiment.

“In 2012, there were no security concerns, but we have a vested interest in keeping the ball rolling. So if the department has concerns that people may not have confidence in the vote, it is better to cancel this measure, “Amaury Sainjon, spokesman for the Québec section of the Quebec Sun This organization which regroups French of the Republican left living outside the Hexagon.

“Certainly electronic voting facilitated things for those who live far from the polling stations. On the other hand, we are told that there will be more offices in certain parts of the world, “continues Mr. Sainjon.

Not in eastern Quebec, however, where the French residing between Trois-Rivières and Îles-de-la-Madeleine will only have the polling station located at College Stanislas in Quebec City.

“On the other hand, the French who can not go there can also vote by correspondence and by proxy, that is, let someone vote on their behalf. The honorary consul has the authority to do so and consular emissaries are currently touring the province to collect proxies, “said Amaury Sainjon.

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“In short, yes, there are people who relied on it (e-voting) to vote, but the main interest is that the vote is reliable. And it is less penalizing when one sees the efforts that are made by the consulate to facilitate things, “he concludes.