Operation Carrier: identified 21 drunk driver and a faulty bus 764

Операция Перевозчик: выявлен 21 нетрезвый водитель и 764 неисправных автобуса

In the framework of the operation “Carrier” discovered 21 drunk driver, and also found that of the nearly 28 thousand vehicles viewed by 764 technically faulty. This was announced by the head of the patrol police of Ukraine Alexander Fatsevich, the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

The Deputy head of the national police noted that all were viewed by almost 28 thousand vehicles used for the carriage of passengers.

At the same time revealed 764 technically faulty vehicles, of which 148 buses – converted with violations of the relevant norms and standards.

In addition, revealed more than 5 thousand drivers who allowed violations of the law.

“Among them – 21 driver who drove the bus in an alcohol intoxication. 45 drivers have not passed pretrip every shift medical examination or has not been carried out pretrip control of technical condition of vehicles,” said Fatsevich.

He also said that 81 driver operated the vehicle without the necessary license documents.

As previously reported, today in Vyshneve Kiev region occurred dorozhno-transport incident to participation of three buses, causing four people injured.

We will remind, since July 21 in Ukraine started mass checks of passenger transport.

This decision was made due to the number of road accidents with a large number of fatalities involving passenger transport.

During the target events, the police only check the technical condition of these vehicles. The health of drivers inspect and control the appropriate professionals.

Earlier, the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan reported that on the morning of July 21 to begin a thorough inspection of the carriers for the presence of a license to carry.

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