Opposition parties criticize Ottawa loan to Bombardier

The opposition in Ottawa was quick to criticize the Trudeau government’s decision to grant a $ 372.5 million loan to Bombardier as the Conservatives denounced the use of taxpayers’ Did not need to go on, “while the Bloc believes that Quebec is” completely abandoned “by the federal government.

The Trudeau government announced on Tuesday evening a $ 372.5 million loan to Bombardier. In total, one-third of the amount awarded – about $ 124 million – will go to CSeries and two-thirds will go to the Ontario-built Global 7000.

At the entrance of caucuses on Wednesday, young Conservative MP Garnett Genuis said it would have been better for the government to support an expansion of the Billy-Bishop airport in Toronto, which would have supported Bombardier at the same time. The Conservatives filed a motion to that effect last year, unsuccessfully. His colleague from Quebec, Gérard Deltell, added a bit later in the same direction.

“If the government really wants to help Bombardier, what is being said to the government is to lower taxes for all businesses, but also allow the CSeries to land in Toronto, Does not currently allow! What a curious signal that we send across the whole world! We are very proud to say that it is the best plane in the world, that it is fantastic, that it is all beautiful, but it is not allowed to land in front of the main city of Canada, “accused M. Deltell.

MM. Deltell and Genuis also recalled that Bombardier had stated in the past that federal assistance was not necessary to continue its operations.

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Meanwhile, the Bloc Québécois interim leader, Rhéal Fortin, denounced the amount of the loan granted by Ottawa, which is far from the one billion sought by the Quebec company.

According to him, Quebec is completely left to itself compared to the other provinces.

“The most appropriate comment, I think, on Bombardier is that it took them 20 months in the federal government (…), so after 20 months, which is the gestation period of an elephant , We give birth to a mouse, “illustrated Mr. Fortin in the morning.

He also criticized the fact that only one third of the amount granted will go to the development of CSeries in Quebec.

“This is very far from the $ 1 billion that was required for the C series. I understand that the situation is changing, it is evolving, but obviously the federal government is not there to support the Quebec company in the same way as” He supported, for example, the automobile in Ontario, oil in the West, Muskrat Falls in the Maritimes, “he said.

However, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Navdeep Bains, assured caucuses that two-thirds of the jobs affected by the Ottawa loan were located in Quebec, as research and development The development and completion of the Global 7000 are made in Dorval.

“So these jobs are good for the aerospace industry in general, and two-thirds of jobs will be in Quebec and Dorval,” he said.

But New Democrat leader Thomas Mulcair wants to be assured that the jobs associated with the federal loan will remain in Canada.

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“It took almost a year and a half to get an agreement to lend money. In the meantime, there have been thousands of layoffs, a constant concern for these families in Quebec. More importantly, there is no indication that the agreement provides for jobs to remain in Canada. So the first thing Mr. Trudeau has to do is publicize the agreement with Bombardier in order to let the public judge, “he insisted.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his government had discussed at length with Bombardier President and CEO Alain Bellemare “who explained that the help Bombardier needs is that amount- the”.