Orthodox calendar: assumption of the blessed virgin

Православный календарь: Успение Пресвятой Богородицы

Orthodox Christians around the world on August 28 is celebrated the assumption of the virgin – one of the twelve great feasts (also called the twelve).

The celebration was preceded by a strict two-week Dormition fast, which lasted from 14 to 27 August (all he needs to know can be found here).

Important: If August 28 falls on a Wednesday or Friday, the faithful still are not allowed to eat meat and dairy products are the only fish.

In 2018, the assumption is celebrated on Tuesday, so this limitation will not apply.

The Dormition is the last great feast of the Orthodox Church year, with interesting history and their traditions. What will now describe.

The history of the holiday

Let’s start with the term. The word “assumption” from the old Slavic translates as “peaceful death” or “sleep”.

None of the four Gospels there is no description of the assumption (i.e., no information about the time, circumstances of the death and burial of the mother of God).

Information mostly taken from non-canonical religious texts – the Apocrypha.

Here’s what can be gleaned from the legends:

– After the ascension of Jesus Christ, according to his will, Mary remained in the care of the Apostle John.

To the time of his death, she lived in Jerusalem.

Once while praying at the Tomb of the Lord to the virgin Mary appeared the Archangel Gabriel and told that in three days she “goes to God”. According to Church tradition, the apostles preached in different countries, miraculously gathered in Jerusalem to bid farewell and to make the burial of the virgin Mary.

The Holy virgin was buried in the tomb of her parents, the righteous Joachim and Anna. After the burial, the apostles closed the entrance to the cave stone. Currently, there is a Church named after the assumption of the blessed virgin. Pilgrims from all over the world come to this temple.

– The Apostle Thomas was late for the funeral of the virgin. He managed to get to Jerusalem on the third day after the burial. When the coffin was opened, so he could say goodbye to the blessed Virgin, the body of the virgin it was not only her shroud.

– On the same day the apostles gathered together for a meal, and they was the mother of God surrounded by angels and said: “Rejoice! – for I am with you all days”.

Therefore, the assumption of the blessed virgin is considered a celebration, not an occasion for sadness, because our lady was reunited with her son.

The assumption: the Church tradition

On this day during Church services the priests are clothed in blue clothes, because this color belongs to the colors of the mother of God.

High holiday services begin all-night vigil. In the temples of the August 27, on the eve of the assumption the faithful endure shroud with the image of the virgin. It is done with a procession around the Church, after which all the worshipers anoint with oil. The occasion also praised the special akathist (hymn).

The next day, August 28, has already accomplished a festive service.

The assumption: the Folk tradition

In people, the feast of the assumption is also called the assumption. During the autumn period is three immaculate: “the First feast sows the wheat, the second – the rain pours, and the third snow cover”.

On the First feast began the harvest in the gardens. The trees leave only the winter apples and pears.

It is also believed that this is the best time for weddings. They say, “if, prior to the assumption the guy will not find until the spring of the marriage will not go” or “Uspensky will not have time to watch the winter you girls to sit”.

On this day, according to national signs, you can’t wear old or uncomfortable shoes – this will help to avoid problems in life.

It is also believed that it is impossible to walk barefoot in the dew – it threatens the “gathering of all diseases in itself”, as it was the day the earth grieves for the mother of God.

In addition, on this day, with anybody not to quarrel, be cut with a knife products and it is impossible to stick anything sharp in the ground, because she needs to rest.

The signs on the assumption determined the nature of the coming autumnand winter: “the Frost on the trees — to frost, fog — to thaw.”

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