Orthodox calendar: Honey Spas, Apple Spas, Walnut Saved

Православный календарь: Медовый Спас, Яблочный Спас, Ореховый Спас

In August, Orthodox Christians celebrate three feasts of the Saviour – Honey, Apple and Nutty. Dates that have these three festivals, from year to year remain unchanged.

Rescue — the popular name of the three feasts of the Orthodox Church: the origin of Honest trees Holy cross, Transfiguration and Transference of the miraculous image of the Savior. It is believed that the name was given in honor of Jesus Christ the Savior.

Honey Saved (First Saved, Maccabeus)
14 Aug

C Honey Savior begins a two-week Dormition fast. In our region he came from Byzantium, where in the IX century. in the course of a week in Constantinople wore the cross of the Lord, to cleanse the city from disease and “evil spirits.”

This day honors the memory of seven martyrs of the Maccabeeswho led a revolt for the faith in one God and were punished for this.

Also, according to legend, the 14 August was baptized Prince Vladimir. Therefore, on this day in ancient Kiev, consecrated water in the river, bathed the animals, cleaned the wells.

Maccabeus in Ukraine is not only a religious holiday. This day has always started the autumn field work and honey-gathering, swallows started to fly away, and the people were preparing for wires summer.

On ancient customs, on Maccabeus Holy water, honey and poppy seeds. Home cooked vegetable soup with mushrooms and “sulice”. In the Shrine carrying bouquets of flowers and herbs – “makowecki”. It is believed that if not to bless flowers on the First of the Saviour, it will not flower farm.


On the first Saviour of horses (all animals) bathe.

First saved first sowing.

Traditions in other countries

In Serbia in this day consecrate water, using young Basil. On this day, not bathing, and the one who works, can get sick with an incurable disease.

In Macedonia women are forbidden to wash clothes or to bathe children during the first day or first few days of “Makavejev”.

Bulgaria – law with gifts went to visit his wife’s parents and kissed their hand, in connection with which the day was called “Setiawan”.

Apple Spas (Average Spas, Great Spas)
19 Aug

To Apple Save ready within two weeks. In particular, do not eat apples. This is especially true of women, who are thus trying to warn against the sinful act of eve.

Another belief: Nand the world children whose parents to this day do not eat apples, handing out Goodies (among them Paradise apples). And those children whose parents tried apples. Therefore, many parents, especially those whose children died, is considered a great sin to eat an Apple before the Second of our Saviour.


A Second saved, and January.

Dry day heralds a dry autumn, wet — wet and clear — severe winter.

On the Second Saviour in the Church consecrated apples, honey and peas in pods.

It is believed that on this day all apples have healing properties. And make a wish by biting of the fruit necessarily true. So they, along with other fruits is Holy and prepare them meals. Also begins training preparations for the winter.

Traditions in other countries

In Eastern Serbia the owner shot at growing in the vineyard sunflower; it was thought that the farther scattered the seeds from it, the greater will be the harvest of the grapes.

In Moravia and Western Slovakia on Savior of the Apple was performing a special ceremony called “catch the grape”.

Nut Spas (The Third Saviour Of Khlebnyjj Spas)
29 Aug

The Third Save, as a rule, finished the harvest and were baked from the flour of the new harvest. Therefore, the holiday and called Bread.

At this time you may also eat hazelnuts and starts their massive collection, what is the reason for the second name.

On this day it was customary to sell canvases and paintings. Home baked bread from the new crop.


The third saved the bread for me.

Harvest nuts — the harvest of grain next year.

Harvest the nuts two years in a row does not happen.

Swallows fly away in three times, in three of the Savior.

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