Oscar-winning Director Steve McQueen has released a new trailer of the drama Widow

Оскароносный режиссер Стив Маккуин выпустил новый трейлер драмы Вдовы

Published trailer crime detective, “the Widow”. Video appeared on the Youtube channel of the company 20th Century Fox, which distributes the strip.

The film will tell the story of four widows. Their husbands were thieves and were killed during a robbery. After a while they decide to take revenge the police, and also to find out who framed their spouses. On the script for the tape was Gillian Flynn (“gone girl”, “Sharp objects”).

The Director of the drama was made by Steve McQueen. His previous picture “12 years a slave,” said “Oscar” for best film. A number of prizes received and other full-length films “Shame” and “Hunger”.

Starring in “the Widow” is played by viola Davis (“suicide Squad”, “Fences”), Liam Neeson (“Taken,” “Schindler’s List”), Colin Farrell (“Fantastic beasts and where they live”, “Fatal temptation”), Michelle Rodriguez (fast and furious) and John Bernthal (“the Walking dead”, “the Punisher”).

On the Ukrainian screens the film will be released November 15.

As previously reported, the network appeared the trailer for the Thriller “the Teacher” with Maggie Gyllenhaal in the lead role. This film was awarded at Sundance film festival.

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