Oscar-winning McDormand will voice God in a new TV series Amazon

Оскароносная Фрэнсис Макдорманд озвучит Бога в новом сериале Amazon

Actress McDormand (“Billboard on the edge of Ebbing, Missouri”) will voice God in a new Amazon series, “Good omens” (Good Omens), says Variety.

Executive producer and script writer of the series was the writer Neil Gaiman. He adapted the text of his novel, written with another writer – Terry Pratchett.

The film will be shot in the genre of urban fantasy. According to Gaiman, the most difficult adaptation of the book was “the lack of Terry Pratchett in this world.”

In the story, angel and demon join forces to prevent the end of the world.

The show “Good signs” will be released on Amazon in 2019.

As previously reported, the first teaser of the series “Return home” with Julia Roberts.

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