Oscars: the decision of the Academy grieves the finalists quebec

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Three weeks after having tasted the joy of seeing their respective films, winning an Oscar nomination for best short fiction film, Marianne Farley and Jeremy Earl have received a cold shower, Monday, in learning that exceptionally this year, their class would be made out of waves at the gala.

Attached to the telephone 24 hours prior to his departure for Los Angeles, film director Marguerite said that it was “extremely disappointed” in the choice of the organizers.

“I think it’s flat and very sad,” says Marianne Farley. At the same time, I would not have wanted to be in their place. Have to cut it a show of more than three and a half hours to fit everything in three hours, it must be difficult. I imagine they have thought of plenty of options… “

Same sound of bell on the side of Jeremy Earl, the director of Fawn. “It is all the more unfortunate that this year there are two short films in quebec in the appointment. “

A bad luck

The other three categories will suffer the same fate as that of the fiction short films : the cinematography, the editing, and make-up and hairstyles. They will be featured during commercial breaks. The speeches of the winners will be broadcast later in the event. They will also be broadcast live at Oscar.com and on Facebook.

“The Academy has called us in the middle of the afternoon to warn us, says Marianne Farley. They say they have chosen four categories at random. The next year, this will be four other categories. I am disappointed for myself, but for all the others. It’s like a bad luck. “

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The Oscars will be presented Sunday, February 24 on ABC and CTV.