Oschadbank launches payment service Apple Pay

Ощадбанк запустил платежный сервис Apple Pay

The state “Oschadbank” (Kyiv) became the second Ukrainian Bank, which launched a payment service Apple Pay. About this Facebook said the head of the Bank Andrey Lush.

“Apple Pay + Оschadbank. DONE! We made Apple Pay available to everyone!” he said.

In parallel with this statement on the website of “Oschadbank” now has detailed information on how to use the new service.

So, according to the Bank, to set up Apple Pay quickly and easily via the mobile application “Oshchad 24/7”.

It is important to remember that the number of devices that support the app iPhone SE iPhone 6 and newer, and Apple Watch.

If access to “Oshchad 24/7” via phone you have, Apple Pay can be set in another way:

1. In the Wallet click on the plus sign in the upper right corner.

2. To scan his card through the camera or enter data manually.

3. Agree to the terms of service.

4. Complete the SMS verification

5. Apple Pay is ready to use.

Similar to the procedure for setting up Apple Pay and Apple Watch:

1. Open the Apple Watch app on iPhone and navigate to “My watches”.

2. Click “Wallet and Apple Pay”.

3. To add a new card, select “Credit or debit card.”

4. When you add cards from other devices or recently deleted, they need to select, and then enter the security code (CVV2 / CVC2) these cards.

5. Select the method of checking their cards for Apple Pay (default is SMS) and click Next.

6. After receiving the confirmation, enter it in the appropriate box, if he did not autocomplete, and click finish.

7. Apple Pay is ready to use.

How to pay using Apple Pay, is illustrated in the video.

The Bank argued that the use of the new service will make financial transactions easier, because with the help of Apple Pay you can pay instantly.

While retaining the full security of card details are not stored on the gadgets and not sent when the payment to the merchant.

It is also important that the service works without the Internet.

We will remind, in may of this year, the largest in Ukraine PrivatBank has launched a payment service Apple Pay. Shortly after this was opened the possibility of payment through Apple Pay customers of any Ukrainian Bank.

Google has launched in Ukraine a new service for contactless payment – Google Pay in the fall of 2017. Our country became the 15th country in which began to operate this service. While successfully.

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