Ottawa criticizes the u.s. duty on newsprint

Photo: Susan Walsh Archives The Associated Press
What are the american newspapers which are likely to suffer from the decision of the United States, calls Canada.

The United States government has just put on the table to loss of jobs in the printing industry, ” says Ottawa in response to the imposition of countervailing duties on imports of canadian pulp paper mechanical uncoated.


In the aftermath of a decision that responded favorably to the complaint of a single producer, North Pacific Paper Company, the Trudeau government is committed to support the canadian industry in the development of new foreign markets.


The paper from mechanical pulp uncoated, includes, among others, newsprint and paper for books paperback. Seven plants in quebec will be affected by the rights, which should enter into force shortly, even if the decision is preliminary.


“We are deeply disappointed with the imposition of countervailing duties, preliminary unjustified “, said the minister of foreign Affairs, asked by chrystia Freeland, and natural Resources, Jim Carr.


In addition to the damage in the printing industry in the United States, they said, ” all right compensator will have a direct negative effect on the american newspapers, especially those in small municipalities “.


NORPAC, which filed its complaint last year, believes that canadian producers are benefited by the forest regime, and the fact that they can sell power to the distributors of electricity in some contexts. The canadian producers believe that the complaint does not hold the road.


According to Washington, the rights applicable to Resolute forest Products will be from 4.42 %, compared to of 9.93 % for Kruger and 6,09 % for Catalyst, that is, the three mandatory respondents involved in the complaint. White Birch Paper Canada, respondent voluntary, will be affected to the tune of 0.65 %. The fees charged to other will be 6.53 %.


These rights are consistent with those already imposed on the paper surcalandré, for magazines and catalogs, and on the timber.


“We are stunned by the fact that a single plant of Longview, in the State of Washington, is able to manipulate the rules of trade to its advantage while incurring potentially significant financial damages in the newspapers and other publishers across the country,” wrote the News, Media Alliance, which brings together hundreds of newspapers in the United States.