Our choice this evening

New !


The back television begins in leo with a lot of new features, including two works of fiction that could engage a wide audience to the ” real network “, a nice documentary series about the best in all kinds of more or less wacky and another documentary series very well done on the buildings and facilities abandoned.

In any case, and., VAT, 19 h 30 and 21 h, Champions of the world, TV5, 19: 30, old Structures, Channel D, 20 h


And returns expected


Among the emissions which find their place in the programming of the winter, there is the second season of the comedy of the depression and the third season of stories inspired by the work of Claude-Henri Grignon, of which some episodes are already available online, and the third season of the antics of millénariaux.

Let go and The up-country, Radio-Canada, 19 h 30 and 21 h, Like me, Télé-Québec, 22 h