Our choice this evening

At the school auction


At the time eBay, this documentary series allows us to discover the universe of auctioneers with two old timers, one of which is the owner of the only francophone school auction in the country.

Auctioneers, united STATES, 20 h


The rites of passage in the world


After having scrutinized the underside of the sexuality, health and the nightlife in many parts of the world, Philippe Desrosiers explores the rites of passage (birth, coming-of-age, loving union, and death) in a dozen countries. First stop : the Philippines.

The life in four-time, TV5, 21 h


Theodore, the explorer


Some american presidents have “retreats” more quiet than others… This documentary recalls a trip to Theodore Roosevelt in 1914 in the Amazon, then unknown in the company of an explorer in the brazilian.

American Experience/Into the Amazon, PBS, 21 h