Our choice this evening

Emergency ” sustainable “


Twelve million people currently live in refugee camps. The verb “dwell” is not trivial here, because this documentary shows how these places has a priori temporary the are less.

Refugees : a market under the influence, Télé-Québec, 20 h


Second first


These two series in quebec that starts on the major networks were first released on other platforms, respectively tou.tv and Addik. Here is an opportunity to catch up with these two family dramas that are very different…

Horse-snake, Radio-Canada, 21 h and Premonitions, VAT, 21 h


Stars, in both languages


This new tele-hook canadian conducted by Shania Twain allows competitors to record a song in studio with a feature set. It has the special feature to be aired simultaneously on channels in anglophone and francophone.

The Launch, VRAK and CTV, 21 h