Our edge: Errors in the economic policy of the government led to the delay of pensions

The delay in the payment of pensions is not the fault of individual officials, as a consequence of the erroneous economic policy of the government. This was stated by co-Chairman of party “Our land” Alexander Mazurchak, the press-service.

According to him, the fact that retirees no longer time to get their pensions, demonstrates the complete failure of government policy in the economic sphere.

“The fact that last week, the pensioners had not received pensions, not the fault of individual officials, as a consequence of the erroneous economic policy of the government. No matter how hard officials attribute it to the lack of funds from the payers of single social contribution, the real reason is the government’s lack of systematic work with the economy. Only economic growth, new jobs and rising incomes will ensure all social payments,” – said Alexander Mazurchak.

Co-Chairman of party “Our land” noted that, while the government will continue to work in the interests of oligarchs, Ukrainians not to avoid the delays of social payments in the future.

“Oligarchic oriented economy has led to the fact that the balance of the Single Treasury account is 1.99 billion. While a year ago it was 44,06 billion is 22 times more. The loan to the Pension Fund for the financing of pensions in July, nearly emptied the state Treasury. We need economic growth, not the economy, debt and savings”, – said Alexander Mazurchak.

He called on the authorities to apply effective tools that will launch the development of the economy.

“Our land” calls on the government to revive the domestic industry, to create conditions for the development of the IT sphere, to support the domestic agricultural sector, build infrastructure and boost exports of domestic products rather than raw materials. These tools will enhance the ability of the state to ensure all social payments, as well as their growth”, – summed up Olexander Mazurchak.

As you know, in July 2018 there was a delay in pension payments. In the Pension Fund of Ukraine explained that the tearing of the receipt of funds from the single social contribution. The state Treasury at the end of July of current year has allocated a loan to the Pension Fund to Fund pensions for July of 2018.

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