Our personal information in a “cloud” overseas?

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 The government intends to store the vast majority of Quebec data in the cloud digital a private company. A solution that would endanger the privacy of Quebecers, warn computer security experts.

Store the information of Quebecers in a space cloud —commonly called in English a “cloud”— would make savings of$ 100 Million annually, supports the government Legault.

The Center of shared services of Quebec (CSPQ) has 457 centers of information processing ” (CTI) which are stored in the servers in which all the information of Quebecers are stored. Ultimately, Quebec does not want to keep two.

“The State must absolutely set up it infrastructure in tune with the evolution of technology”, has supported the president of the treasury Board, Christian Dubé. He admits that several centres do not comply with the security standards.

As well, Quebec would be left with 80% of our data, both personal and collective to foreign companies, particularly american, such as Amazon, IBM or Microsoft, which provide spaces in public cloud.

“It is a global trend in which it fits”, argued the minister delegated to the digital Transformation of government, Éric Caire.

 Private lives in danger

This scenario does not enthusiasm, however, not computer security experts consulted by our Office of investigation. In addition to putting a cross on a national expertise in information technology and the improvement of skills within the State, Quebec would be to give the equivalent of a double of the keys to our privacy to the u.s. government.

“These big players have the infrastructure and the security in place. It is extremely good. They have put billions in there […] On the security front, if they go in a public cloud, it is better than what they currently have,” admits Patrick Mathieu, an expert in computer security. However, he adds, such a decision raises questions about the ethical.

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The Patriot Act gives exceptional powers to the u.s. government, allowing him to examine data from any american company, even if they are not located physically within its borders. Quebec is no exception. “Regardless of where those servers are, they can fetch the information”, says Mr. Mathieu. “For a private company, it is something else. There is a risk analysis that is made. But here it is a case of citizens ‘ data. For example, financial or medical data of the citizens,” he said.

 Quebec businesses ?

Quebec does not exclude, however to turn to a quebec company specializing in the field of information storage: MicroLogic and Sherweb, for example. The ministers in Cairo and Dubé hope that they will seek to obtain the contract. “The best thing would be to have a kind of Amazon canadian quebecers,” stated the expert Patrick Mathieu. “But, the danger of using a platform in quebec or canada, it is [that they] don’t have as big budgets as in the United States. […] Security is low generally, it is flat”.

The president general trade Union of the public service and parastatal du Québec (SFPQ), Christian Daigle, is also worried. “This announcement leaves us on our appetite. Where is the real return expertise ? We are going to entrust to sub-contractors us our data, is that all servers will be in Quebec ? The government should also ensure good fiscal practices of these companies, which is not always the case,” he said.

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The government Legault wants

  • Go from 457 centres of information processing 2
  • Invest$ 150 Million to get there
  • Transfer 80 % of our data in the cloud “public” to a private company
  • Keep a maximum of 20 % of our data in a cloud for the government of Quebec

 The objective of the government

  • Save$ 100 Million per year
  • Free up resources and allow to develop its own expertise in cloud computing

 Cost of the computer in Quebec

  • $ 4.5 billion per year

 Promise of QSL

  • Do the cleaning and save 210 M$ per year in computer science within 4 years


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