Outbreak of botulism In the Kharkov hospital, the man died

Вспышка ботулизма: В Харьковской больнице умер мужчина

In Kharkov, the botulism, the man died, his wife is in intensive care with the same diagnosis. Comments about this “Depot.Kharkiv” reported in a press-service of the Kharkiv regional state administration.

“The man died in hospital today, August 15, despite the introduction of the serum. His wife, who also introduced the serum against botulism, remains in a serious condition in the intensive care unit CSS “Regional clinical infectious diseases hospital”, – is spoken in the message.

Informed in the Main Department of Gospodarevskaya in the Kharkov area reported that in regional hospital with suspected botulism hospitalized members of the same family.

“The survey revealed that the disease is associated with eating fish bream. To establish the origin of this fish under investigation”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that since the beginning of 2018, in Ukraine registered more than 60 cases of botulism, four victims died.

Botulism – severe food poisoning caused by the consumption of foods containing botulinum toxin.

The pathogen multiplies in anaerobic conditions (without oxygen), and improper conditions of storage or transportation of food.

The best way to protect your health is to abstain from food, the quality of which the consumer is not known.

Risk factors include the consumption of dried, salted and canned fish, or canned products made of meat, if they do not pass heat treatment before use.

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