Outside Cairo, found the necropolis of Ancient Egypt

Рядом с Каиром нашли некрополь Древнего Египта

In tuna al-Gabal near Cairo Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a rich necropolis of Ancient Egypt, which contains the mummified remains of the high priest of the cult of the God Thoth.

“And this is only the beginning of learning a new object” – promised reported on the finding, the Minister of antiquities, Khaled al-Anani. Excavations began in late 2017 and will take at least five years.

A large burial was cleared from the ground in the desert South of Cairo, in the Nile valley. One burial contains more than a thousand statues and four containers made of alabaster avian forms of lids, designed to store the internal organs of the deceased priest. All items are in excellent condition.

The priest was a servant of the cult of the God Thoth – the ancient deity with the head of the bird IBIS, which was attributed to concern about the moon, the afterlife realm and wisdom. His mummy, decorated with blue and red beads (beads) made of ivory and crystal and bronze plated leaves charms of semiprecious stones were also retrieved, along with other valuable items.

In the tomb with noble priest of Ancient Egypt were buried the members of his family – a total of about 40 sarcophagi. Their names engraved on some objects.

The burial of the priest of Thoth – one of the eight open tombs in the necropolis. The necropolis was a 15 cemetery district (nome) of Ancient Egypt and at the same time a large repository for thousands of stuffed animals – mummified ibises, baboons and others. The area to the North of the Tuna al-Gabal known as a place of ancient zahoroneniya 664-332 BC, the pharaohs of the late period and the Ptolemaic dynasty.

As the head of the archaeological expedition Mostafa Vaziri, in the near future we are waiting for new discoveries.