Ovechkin explained, what creates “Team Putin”

Hockey player Alexander Ovechkin explained, what purpose the movement of Team Putin, or “Putin’s Team”. The athlete noted that the motive of his creation – is an Association of people, and not campaigning.


Hockey player announced the creation of the movement at the beginning of last month. According to him, he always openly expressed support for the incumbent. And “Putin’s Team” will bring together people with the same citizenship. Ovechkin added that the move is intended to showcase how Russia is strong and cohesive.

Alexander denies the promotional nature of the Putin Team. He States that there are not currently collecting signatures to the CEC and promoted in this case, common sense and shared human values: respect, fairness, trust, pride in the country. Members of this movement were not only Russians. They were joined by the residents of the 600 cities in 50 countries.

Alexander Ovechkin’m trying to get for the club NHL Washington capitals since 2005. The Russian athlete is the team captain.