Over-life: dangerously cynical

We suspect there is nothing real in reality reality. But if we believe the new series Sur-Vie , it hides a universe of extreme cynicism, where nobody can trust anyone. And where all the moves are allowed.
With this series of six episodes of one hour, which will broadcast Séries + from Thursday 6 April at 22:00, Martine D’Anjou signs her first series to her. Before being a co-writer for O ‘ and several youth series, she herself worked on MixMania , one of the earliest Québécois television projects. With Sur-Vie , produced by Fabienne Larouche and Michel Trudeau at Aetios, she did not want to denounce, but to raise questions about the phenomenon. The realization was entrusted to Yves-Christian Fournier, who is behind the excellent Blue Moon .
Mariloup Wolfe played Frédérique Boileau, an actress who tried her luck in Los Angeles, without success. Reduced to live in a shabby apartment and eat meals in canes, it returns to the country at its lowest. The actress has already been reunited with her boyfriend Maxime Richer (Sébastien Huberdeau), also producer, who cheats her with Véronique Dufaux (Monia Chokri), an ambitious television world. To mop up their debts, Frédérique and Maxime must lend themselves backwards to a reality degrading, at least degrading, entitled Sur-Vie .
Frederique Boileau and his mother, played by Carole Laure, are almost the only ones to have heart in this series, at least in appearance. All others are dishonest or profiteers. Surely the worst of all, producer Charles Grisé (Luc Picard) despises the public, and has no qualms about making money on the back of the candidates for his reality. It is he who makes the most shocking remarks. “I may be perverse, but I am just,” he said to legitimize his greed.
To animate his new show, he succeeded in convincing Raquel Rose (Pamela Anderson), an international star, but also his personal fantasy. Since she speaks English, she will have to be subtitled. “We already do it for the hard of hearing, why would not we do it for the uneducated who listen to our show ?” Asks Grisé, who always thinks in terms of profits.
Reality TV On Life involves six couples subject to the temptations of infidelity. There is nothing real about this show, scripted from A to Z. Even couples are invented, made up of people who do not know each other. Among them, a porn star, a naked dancer, in short, all people who “seek the kodak”. The author Danielle Desnoyer (Anne-Marie Cadieux) is hired to script the series. She then endeavors to make Frederique pass for a victim. “I do not like infidel men, the public either,” she said, almost rubbing her hands. From the start, each of them has different roles: the arrogant, the weak, the heartless, and so on. Among the prizes to be won: a lifetime subscription to the White Love teeth whitener.
Sur-Vie depicts an immoral world, where the minor daughter of the producer (Naomie Frenette) does not care about the world and willingly sleeps with one of the candidates for his father’s reality show. And where a control technician supplies coke to the director. In the tone, some may see similarities with Really ( Unreal ), the American series behind the scenes of a cruel reality, adored by criticism, but which I hated, and whose distribution to ICI Radio- Canada Télé was a failure last year.
Pamela Anderson stood aloof from the rest of the team during the entire shoot. It feels on the screen. The Malibu Alert actress seems to play in her corner, in a different register from all the others, as if she were heading herself. It can be seen as a way of emphasizing that it comes from a completely different universe, that of the stars of Hollywood.
Surreal to see Carole Laure in a television series. Her character as a mother who cares for her daughter connects us with a certain human warmth. The first episode lacks rhythm. We turn around for a long time before plunging into the heart of the matter. The opposite of the jerky style and full of twists and turns of the genre. The whole lack of subtlety, the characters are big. But I confess, I am curious to know how Frédérique will know how to use this desperate opportunity to emerge stronger. At least, that’s what we want.
The Devil’s Lot : Back For Tomorrow
The reality show The devil’s lot , which ends Thursday at 9 pm at Historia, was the most watched show on this channel since the documentary on the series The Cradle of Angels . A high-quality production, which participants had to manage in the manner of Abitibi settlers. Enjoy it, because it is not expected that the show will return in the near future, at least not for the 2017-18 season. The chain can not afford such a costly production two years in a row, but is likely to bring back this winning concept later. By combining broadcasts with Historia and Séries +, Le lot du diable attracted more than half a million viewers from the very first episodes.
Snyder in Salvail
It is finally in Bali, destination party if there is one, that will be shot Occupation double , diffused this autumn to V. “At the edge of the rice fields and the sea”, joyfully launched Julie Snyder on the plateau d ‘ In Salvail mode , Tuesday. Maripier Morin, Marie-Mai or Kim Rusk have not yet decided on the choice of the moderator. But Julie confirmed the return of the bottle game, a more eclectic choice among candidates, and more attractive travel destinations. Eric hinted that the 90-minute show would be broadcast on Sundays.
It was reunion night for the duo, who had not shared the screen for eight years, when Julie had gone to God thank you! , To VAT. This came out of a letter of 1993 that Eric had written to the typist, so that she would hire him as a crowd-maker. “I was your first fan,” she reminded him.
Julie would have continued to animate The Banker , whose end she learned in the newspaper. “I will not stay hurt,” she said. The moderator also revealed that TVA management, who had already let him hear a return of Star Academy , finally dropped the idea. Could we see her again at Radio-Canada or even in Star Ac ? We are still far from that, even if “everything can happen”. According to her, Véronique Cloutier, “the best animator of her generation”, should have nothing to fear from her eventual arrival.
The two had obviously fun to meet. Eric submitted Julie to the game of mouse traps, making her confess that she had already resorted to cosmetic surgery and that she was stealing.

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