P. K. effective on tv, a little less on the ice rink

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NASHVILLE | P. K. Subban is on pace for the worst season of his career. At the pace at which he produces, he will close the campaign with 32 points.

In the course of the last 14 games, the former defender of Canada has collected only three points. However, in 12 of these meetings, it has walked on the ice for more than 20 minutes.

The difficulties of the defender to blacken the score sheet are certainly not foreign to the disastrous returns of the Predators in numerical superiority. With an efficacy rate of 13.1 % (26 goals in 198 occasions), the massive attack was ranked 31st and last rank.

Yes, behind the Canadian and the pitiful rate of 13.5 %. Must do it !

Last year, Subban was involved in nearly half of his team’s goals with the benefit of one or two men (25 points on 52 goals). This time, he has only taken part in six of them.

Moreover, the massive attack of Predators has seen its best times in the absence of Subban. During those 19 games, she has posted an efficiency percentage of 17.5 % (10 of 57). With P. K. in uniform, this percentage drops to 11.3 % (16 141).

It would be dishonest to place on the shoulders of Subban the lack of success of the Predators in numerical superiority. But the statistic is still interesting.

The patience of Laviolette

At least, the worldly life of the athlete 29-year-old rolls up to a train of hell. For some time, you can see his show, P. K. Project on the airwaves of NBC.

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A few weeks ago, Peter Laviolette was not pronounced against this television series. It should be noted that a player to exploit its own trade-mark is not a common practice in hockey, unlike what we see in other sports such as football and basketball.

“We knew exactly the type of person and player that we get. The fact that he do things for the league, events for Christmas or for charity, it’s the looks. As long as they maintain the same level of play on the ice and maintains the same level of work within the team, ” said the coach of the Predators before the broadcast of the first episode, at the end of January.

With the way in which takes place the season of Subban, it makes you wonder if the patience of the coach will not be soon put to the test.

A surprise for Lindsey

There is also the account Instagram of the star that is followed by more than 841 000 people.

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers, this week, were able to be witnesses of the attentions that he had brought to his lover, Lindsey Vonn, freshly retired after a successful career as a skier, alpine.

At the back of Vonn in the house, Subban was waiting for him with balloons and a cake in the shape of a goat, referring to the GOAT, the acronym of” Greatest of all time.

“She loved the cake. She still eat “, has launched the defender surrounded by just a few journalists, Wednesday, at the training complex of Predators.

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“I’ve had all year to prepare for it. Now, I have to find out what I’m going to do for Valentine’s day. “

Since the Canadian will be in town, he must be forgiven for not being at home.