Pamela Anderson first comments on the fight of his son and former spouse

Памела Андерсон впервые прокомментировала драку своего сына и бывшего супруга

A few days ago, Western media reported that the son of Pamela Anderson – 21-year-old Brandon Lee had a fight with dad Tommy Lee. Star not commenting on throughout this time the family incident, he is no longer able to remain silent. It posted on its website a letter with the request to support her son. She believes that he is innocent and was only trying to help his father.

“My son was defending to save his life. This man is sick. He was suffering from alcoholism, – said Anderson, adding that the actions of Tommy Lee is already crossing all limits,” says the actress.

But the ex-husband of Pamela denied all the accusations and says that he had no alcohol addiction.

Recall that Brandon also claims that his father the night he was drunk and he was forced to defend himself.