Parliament appointed a one-time payment in case of death of the serviceman dismissed

Парламент назначил одноразовую выплату в случае смерти уволенного военнослужащего

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted on second reading and in whole draft law № 6268-1, which provides for a one-time payment in case of death of a soldier in the year following dismissal, if it is a result of injury, contusion, mutilation or disease connected with the duties of the service.

“For” voted 261 MP. An online broadcast of the led channel “112 Ukraine”.

In accordance with applicable law, a one-time payment is supposed only in case of death or the death of a serviceman in the performance of official duties or as a consequence of the disease because of the responsibilities of the service. Besides, rules are not subject to conscripts.

The bill provides for the extension of the list of cases when this is paid social assistance.

Thus, the Parliament decided to pay the money in case of death of a soldier within a year after dismissal, if it is the result of injury, concussion, injury, illness or accident during the performance of official duties. In addition, social assistance is appointed and conscripts too.

For cash payment can count the soldier, who is partially unable to work for three months after dismissal from service – if this happened in connection with the performance of official duties.

If a soldier became ill during service and has partially lost the ability to work without the establishment of disability, he will also pay a one-time cash assistance.

The money must pay if the reservist if the reservist has partially lost the ability to work without disability within 3 months after completion of military duties or performing duties as a reservist.

The law will enter into force on the day following its official publication.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada endorsed the draft law in principle in late February of this year, 251 voice of people’s deputies.

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