Parliament has granted the status of combatants to representatives of the UPA and of the organization Carpathian Sich

Рада предоставила статус участника боевых действий представителям УПА и организации Карпатская сечь

The Verkhovna Rada adopted act No. 8519, which granted the status of combatants to fighters for independence of Ukraine in the XX century, including members of the Ukrainian insurgent army, the armed units of the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists.

Online broadcast of the plenary meeting led the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

The bill provides for granting the status of combatant persons who participated in all forms of armed struggle for the independence of Ukraine in XX century in the Ukrainian insurgent army, the Ukrainian insurgent army ataman Taras Borovets (Bulba) “woodland Sich”, the Ukrainian people’s revolutionary army (UTRA), armed units of the Ukrainian nationalists.

The MP from the Radical party, Deputy head of Committee on Affairs of veterans and individuals with disabilities Yuriy-Bohdan Shukhevych announced amendments.

“The Committee (the bill) added another amendment, I ask for the transcript to include, in addition to Ukrainian insurgent army, “woodland Sich” Bulba Borovets and the Ukrainian national revolutionary army members of the Ukrainian military organization and the Organization of national defense “Carpathian Sich””, said Shukhevich.

The procedure for granting the status of combatants these individuals will install the Cabinet.

The law will enter into force three months from the date of its publication.

Recall that today the Ukrainian army turns 27 years old.

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