Part Suprun in the action under walls of the Ukrainian choice – bullshit.

The participation of acting Minister of health of Ukraine in the action by the office of the “Ukrainian choice” is nonsense. This opinion was expressed by economic expert Alexander Okhrimenko on the air “112 Ukraine”.

“The fact that she participated in this promotion – it’s all nonsense… I understand that the action is understood as a community, but the question may let it engaged with its main activities? And in my spare time, I think any public servant, including the President, has the right to participate in such activities, and in other”, – said Okhrimenko.

Previously critical regarding participation Suprun in this campaign said the former Minister of justice Oleksandr Lavrynovych.

“Uliana Suprun, and others who perform the duties they are public servants, they are not politicians. They are prohibited from participating in such shares by the public service act. In General, they have no right to be in positions for so long because the government shape policy, people’s deputies of Ukraine, voting in accordance with their political programs, in the coalition agreement, appoint politicians in this place,” he said.

Recall that in Kiev held under the office of the “Ukrainian choice” rally, which was attended by the head of the Ministry Suprun. “The Ukrainian choice” estimated the total number of participants to 20 people.

The leader of “Ukrainian choice” Viktor Medvedchuk called a provocation by acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun in the action in front of his office in Kiev. According to Medvedchuk, Suprun – this is an official activity which otherwise, as a genocide already do not call that “destroyed the health care system of Ukraine”.

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