Parubiy commented on the charges against him in relation to the mention of Hitler

Парубий прокомментировал обвинения против него касательно упоминания Гитлера

The speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiy commented on the accusations against him because of the comment about the referendums in Nazi Germany. Online broadcast led official channel “Rada”.

“Broadcast me, it was noted that the method of referendum as a direct democracy was used by the Nazis to manipulate. I want to emphasize that the Nazi practice is now using Putin as the aggressor. And this practice held a pseudo-referendum in Crimea and the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. The Russian aggressor is using Nazi methods of occupation and aggression against Ukraine,” said Andriy Parubiy.

He stressed that he condemned the manipulation of the referendum.

“Colleagues, before you go to the podium, watch the speech, read, and do not see the Russian propaganda and don’t be the mouthpieces of Russian propaganda in the Ukrainian Parliament. I understand that you change will be hard because your guideline is Putin, Russian propaganda, Russian aggressors. Shame on you,” said speaker of the Verkhovna Rada.

Thus Andriy Parubiy said in a statement that the Parliament registered a draft resolution on his dismissal.

Recall, September 4, Andriy Parubiy in the television broadcast commented on the law on referendums.

“A man who practiced “direct democracy”, was Adolf aloizovich, in the 30-ies. We need to remember, too. Because in those 30 years it was one of the key ways, including manipulation,” said Parubiy.

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