Parubiy outlined the main tasks for the Parliament in the fall of 2018

Парубий очертил основные задачи для Верховной Рады на осень 2018 года

The speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiy outlined the main tasks of the Parliament at the time of the ninth session. He spoke them from the podium in the Verkhovna Rada, the broadcast led the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

The main tasks of the Parliament in the fall of 2018, according to the head of BP:

  • Homeland security and support for the Armed forces of Ukraine

The Parliament must continue the reform of the defence sector. The law on national security adopted – and now you need to take the “derivative” from it.

  • The Euro-Atlantic direction in the Constitution.

“I support the proposal to consolidate the Euro-Atlantic direction in the Constitution… I am convinced that this important content. Because I remember in 2010-m to year in this room for a few minutes was thrown out of the law on fundamentals of domestic and foreign policy of any mention of NATO. We can’t allow our Euro-Atlantic direction was revidirano anyone,” said Andriy Parubiy.

  • Budget-2019 on time

The speaker of Parliament acted to “preserve the tradition, which was introduced last year” – we are talking about the adoption of the budget is not “under the tree”.

  • Open lists on elections in 2019

“The next unit election. We enter in an electoral year, and we have a commitment to reform the electoral legislation. I am convinced that not later than October, the Verkhovna Rada must begin its consideration of the Electoral code. He sistematizirovat a number of laws and the law on elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the law on local elections and law on Central election Commission”, – said paruby.

  • Renewal of the composition of the CEC

“The decision of August 9 the Central election Commission about termination of the election in the territorial communities have become a very alarming signal to all of us. And it was yet another signal that we cannot delay with this issue. I am sure that in the coming period we will be able to find common ground, and passing all the procedures to update the composition of the Central election Commission”, – said Andriy Parubiy.

  • European laws

“We have 50 laws, 21 of them are already ready for review. And it is very symbolic that we the first week of the ninth session, starting with legislation that is in the strategic plan for European integration”, – said the speaker of Parliament.

  • Economy

“Remember our joint set of bills on the economy top 35, part of which we passed in the previous session. We need to determine the prerogatives and using committees and governments together to continue the work on this plan”, – said the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada.

  • The law on language

“During this session it is important to consider the draft laws on the state language. Before us is a duty in a democratic atmosphere, the atmosphere of the debate make the law on language. This is a fundamental questions for the life of the nation, for the state,” is convinced Andriy Parubiy.

  • The reform of Parliament

“The bills about the number of committees on the distribution of the committees according to the method of d’hondt. Let me remind you, we have not finalized the issue at FAC. I am also going to recommend that we handle mechanism and the procedure of registration of bills to stop the legislative spam, which, unfortunately, exists in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine”, – said the speaker of the Parliament.

  • Parliamentary immunity

According to Parubiy, the constitutional court approved an opinion; the Committee expressed their position; two bills sent to Parliament. Time to be determined by deputies.

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