Parubiy told, when Parliament will consider the question of the limitation of parliamentary immunity

Парубий рассказал, когда Рада рассмотрит вопрос ограничения депутатской неприкосновенности

The final abolition by Parliament of parliamentary immunity may be held in the fall of 2018 or winter 2019. This forecast was made by the speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiy during a press briefing after the meeting of the conciliation Board lying. An online broadcast of the led channel “112 Ukraine”.

“We have passed the first stage, there is a decision of the constitutional court. I’m interested in this question as quickly as possible. At the moment we have no decisions of the Committee, but even if the decision of the Committee will be this Wednesday, we have to perform with the heads of the factions, put him in a summer week, or to put it in the first week of September, when there’s a big mobilization,” – said paruby.

He expressed the hope that the relevant Committee decides on the draft amendments of the basic law in the near future.

“Then we have to consult, when there is a high probability to score yet 226. I recall that 226 for this stage and the next stage, the final is 300 votes. We have the option: to try to have this session 226, and, accordingly, in the fall you will need to gather up 300; or 226 in the autumn and early winter – 300. I believe that one of the second stage we have to go before the presidential election. My idea is that on the eve of elections, presidential or parliamentary, it is much easier to collect the voice for such important issue,” – said the speaker of Parliament.

As previously reported, the Constitution and the VR Regulations define the procedure of changing the Basic law in Ukraine.

To register such a bill can only be President or 150 MPs. The Committee then approves the decision on inclusion in the agenda.

Rada sends the document to the constitutional court by 226 votes.

KSU approves the conclusion on the compliance of the initiative with the Basic law.

The Parliament can support the document by 226 votes. And only during the next session the deputies will be able to adopt the document as a whole as the law – but at least 300 votes.

Adopted according to this procedure, the law must be signed by the speaker of Parliament and the President. In the transitional provisions of the document appears when it is gaining momentum, but it may not take place before publication in the official Gazette.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada in the fall of 2017 has taken the first step towards amending the Constitution on the limitation of parliamentary immunity. Parliamentary and presidential bill sent to the CCU more than 300 votes of deputies.

The documents differ only in that according to a presidential change will take effect from the beginning of 2020.

Recently, KSU has recognized the parliamentary and presidential drafts of constitutional changes.

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