Passion for vinyl (2) – When life turns round

Photo: Christian Leduc
Klo Pelgag

They are found everywhere, drives in 45, 33 and 78 rpm, and for all tastes ! Long live the variety… and the parity ! Yes, like last week, there are as many girls as guys among our aficionados of the beautiful cake engraved.


Klo Pelgag, singer-songwriter


Forever Dolphin Love
Connan Mockasin

Purchase : on the Internets probably very late in the night. Because I truly believe it is one of the best albums in the world. This music has a great power of emotional on me, I clamp the heart while bringing me into a state of absolute bliss.

The treasure of the language
René Lussier

Mythical Album of the québécois so-called ” current “. The work lighthouse, the great work of René Lussier.

Scott Walker Sings Jacques Brel

Scott Walker

My last purchase (made directly after our interview for The assignment) in the record To 33 rpm. I love Jacques Brel and I love Scott Walker. I love, therefore, quite inevitably this disc.




Melissa Maya Falkenberg, facilitator, writer and researcher

Photo: Lucas Rupnik
Melissa Maya Falkenberg and his cover of “Batman Returns”, the soundtrack to the film


Everything Now
Arcade Fire

This disc will be a symbolic eternal for me, because in may, I had the chance to attend the small, private concert of Arcade Fire in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. Local, simple, no place to sit down, it was about fifty, placed to form a circle around the instruments. When the members of the band came in, they said nothing, they sat down to play their new songs rather gross, and, in the end, Win Butler said : “OK, thanks guys, we know what works and what does not work. “I had to learn that I was pregnant, I was glued to my husband, this is the first show that our guys had heard from my belly !

With no helmet

The other concert that marked me this year is the one With no helmet, the last of the series On the roof of Ubisoft. The first part of Jason Bajada and the sun was dropping, quietly eyes on the Mile-End, and then Stéphane Lafleur, all of his poetry and his boys who have finished it in the dark, with pus of a heat wave. It made me want to listen to all the discs With no helmet and get them in vinyl.

original soundtrack of the film

Star Wars, the films of bugs and superhero… Not my cup of tea ! But I live with a geek who command all the soundtracks of his favorite films and which said rotating table said, in we in any case, music that is listened to without headphones in the common area. It makes me discover the music extraordinary. The orchestral music of Danny Elfman — who is the famous musical theme from the Simpsons — here is more than grandiose. It is cold, liturgical, dangerous and, above all, of beauty.


Charles Gardier, co-director of FrancoFolies de Spa, politician


The reproduction
Arnaud Fleurent Didier

I bought in a shop in Brussels, because every time I find the album 2009 vinyl, I don’t resist. This disc has joined the very closed circle of my favorite, which I call ” my favorite albums “… I have the weird feeling that Arnaud Fleurent-Didier has made this album for me, just for me. It is a feeling delicious and… strange. I dream that he will return with a new album ! I miss him.

Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing
Ray Conniff

I found this disc in a flea market in Spa for less than the equivalent of a dollar. This is the cover that I was taped : I know them very well, too well this girl, I had to buy it. When I returned, I put it immediately on my plate and I find myself 47 years ago at my grand father’s mother : this disc of easy listening beautifully product was part of the ten she had, and I put it into alternating with the 45 rpm George Harrison : My Sweet Lord. For me, this is a madeleine of Proust music incredible. Since then, I collect the vinyl of Ray Conniff.

Moral II
Romeo Elvis + The Motel

I received the vinyl of this rapper young belgian is very popular in Belgium and France by the house of disks. I listened to it probably differently than a CD. The music is rich and full of references. These young artists listen to the music of their parents and the reshuffle with talent and passion in daring mixtures sometimes improbable and often successful. Knowing well the parents of Romeo, the singer Marka and comedian Laurence Bibot, I do not have a sentence to imagine the references of their talented son.


Marie-Hélène Poitras, author, columnist, researcher


Martin Lizotte

This is an album shelter, released this fall and which has accompanied me ever since. This music opens up a space where I love to go lose myself, especially if I am agitated, disgusted and that I have to write a text quickly. The key to a world where everything is cottony, silky, ephemeral.

Do you want to

Purchased in reaction to the release of the new album of Arcade Fire — the group was not where I was expecting, it had this pulsing disco… I was in Quebec, I am from a small bookstore-record store (Librairie Laforce) and I brought this vinyl, which fascinated me so much when I was a kid. This is really not the best disc of ABBA, but the cover is breathtaking !

Jay-Jay Johanson

It will soon be 22 years since this album was released and this might as well have been yesterday. It was difficult to get hold of it. I come from Germany and it cost me dear. But I do not regret it. Let down the needle on the vinyl, and then take a first sip of Prosecco, it is a great happiness for me.


Andre Papanicolaou, author-composer-performer, “guitar hero”


Elvis’ Christmas Album
Elvis Presley

A christmas classic in the Smear. Not much to say more. When he sings, they dance.

If All I Was Was Black
Mavis Staples

Gift that was offered to me by Daran for my 40 years. He knew that I loved Wilco and Bob Dylan, and when he was offered these influences to the seller as examples of things that I like, the seller immediately responded : “Mavis Staples : her disc was produced by Jeff Tweedy (leader of Wilco) and she has slept with Dylan ! “So, that’s it.

Automatic for the People
R. E. M.

Disk favorite for a long time, I’ve just remembered that I had this in the vinyl, hidden in the bottom of my library. It turns not bad the last few weeks with us, always in the morning with a first cup of coffee before the children get up.




Monique Giroux, moderator, columnist, film director


The Lock

My vinyl is too much stored in a warehouse and, having had the idea on the later, we got in the hunting of some of Barbara broadcast on a Teppaz for the arrival of spectators at the tribute to him we were going to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his death. After having asked the seller of a famous store on rue Mont-Royal”, you have the Barbara ? “and the answer to the English” Barbra ? Of course it is ! “my companion quest has found all alone on the first, unlikely, one side of The Lock.

Juliette Armanet

May be because it is following a straight line reference in the song star of vinyl — I think of Véronique Sanson, of which I have the whole discography in 33 rpm —, I wanted to be the very first beautiful album of Juliette Armanet in large format… that I keep sealed. Ado, I rushed to tear the plastic ; now, I take great care of it.

The Super Success of 75
artists various

I was 12 years old. I was collecting for the mother of the 45 towers that trônaient at the top of the charts, so imagine when I saw a pub tv, which announced a compilation of success. It was Christmas. The pockets K-Tel are poems in themselves. I repurchased today. In a neo-byzantine church of Grande-Allée in Quebec city transformed into a real bazaar.



Sébastien Desrosiers, collector and blogger (Mondo PQ)

Photo: Sebastien Desrosiers
Sébastien Desrosiers and her cover of the trio, The Three Keys, called The rock ‘ n ‘ roll Saturday night


The rock ‘ n ‘ roll Saturday night
The Three Keys

I didn’t actually pray when a friend asked me to evaluate the last summer, a daunting collection of over ten thousand 78 rpm ! After hours of excavation, a diamond in the rough I fell in the hands : one of the first rock ‘ n ‘ rolls royce quebec, courtesy of this trio of cocktail jazz ! If several artists from the province (Hal Willis, Carmen Déziel, Bob Davies, Roger Miron) adopted the new rhythm as early as 1956, rock ‘ n ‘ roll Saturday night may boast of being our first original composition of the kind in French. This after-noon of July, I felt like the guy in the most filthy and the most cool in a container overheated to the east of Rivière-du-Loup !

Party Inside My Mind/Telephone

The universe of pressings private québec, these autoproductions the most often published, timidly, to the author’s account, has not finished to surprise me. The label will release the single 45 tours of these musicians to experience and a few seconds were enough to convince me that their simple, with its effects, talk box, was certainly one of the most funky and suave products in the province at the time. I could see the excellent montreal trio Barry Paquin Roberge revisit Party Inside My Mind in a future show.


What could this pressing Swedish original almost perfect for the best album of these “Easybeats scandinavian” in a convention in montreal ? Even if I collect primarily quebec artists, I lose all my resources in front of these mods who merge also cleverly sublime creations pop that rocks pests in an atmosphere that exploded in the Sgt. Pepper. ABBA can go get dressed !


Pat The Bratte (Patrick Baillargeon), critical rock


The Bubblemen Are Coming !
The Bubblemen

Or Love and Rockets episode bubble pop rap woozy exploded, the time of a 12 ” released in 1988 and embellished — for some of the best — a minibédé. Dropped it in the small section of records from a bookstore Shelf.

Business Unusual — The Other Record Collection
artists various

Without doubt one of the best compilations of punk/new wave era ; the cream of Cherry Red Records in the late 1970s, the Outcasts and UK Subs at the Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle. The frame of my 14 years, big brothers of my friends all had, and that, oddly enough, I never owned, until I found hidden at a record store in Vancouver, with the poster still inside !

The crazy time
Messieurs Richard de Bordeaux Daniel Beretta

Small 45 rpm published first in 1970, then reissued to about 1,000 in 2009. Songs from the film The crazy time, at one side the delusional cousin of Angers and Lucien Daniel Beretta, and the other, the equally stupid drug and It is too stupid of the ineffable mr. Bordeaux. Found in one of the cool shops of disks of Tokyo.