Pateryn castigates Shaw

Pateryn fustige Shaw

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Greg Pateryn remained in the shadow of Alexander Radulov for this confrontation against his former team. After the meeting, the roles were reversed.

Pateryn has attracted the reflectors towards him in a manner almost accidental. In the third period, he was involved in a violent collision with Andrew Shaw. Pateryn is hit by the failure of his former team-mate. Even if it was the origin of the contact, Shaw is the one who has collected the most the shock as his head hit the helmet of his rival.

In the locker room of the opposing team, Pateryn has absolutely not sought to defend Shaw.

“I think I was targeted, summed up the American. It looks like his head hit mine. But there is a reason why this guy has four or five concussions per year. It is in this way that he plays. He was unconscious after the contact, he was injured by hitting me. I hadn’t realized that it was a K. O. before you see it on the ice. He had eyes in the back of the head. When you play this way, this is what happens. “

Put in the perfume of the declaration of Pateryn, Claude Julien refused to throw oil on the fire.

“A comment of the sort does not merit a response,” replied the head coach of the Canadian.

A player bruised

Shaw has not taken the way to the hospital after the meeting.

“It was a big collision, said Julian. He is not feeling well and the doctors to review. I know that it is bruised at the moment. I have not yet received a report for his injury, to know if it is a concussion or not. It has been sounded. “

Weber operated

Shea Weber has had an operation on Tuesday to repair an injury to the tendons of the left foot. The former captain of the Predators of Nashville will need a rehabilitation period of six months. The intervention was carried out by a specialist of the foot and ankle, Dr. Robert Anderson, Green Bay, Wisconsin.