Paul Deslauriers Band: blues on fire … and sweet

For 25 years, Paul Deslauriers has been drumming on all kinds of stage. Prodigious and coveted guitarist, he accompanied France D’Amour, Céline Dion, Nicola Ciccone, Amanda Marshall, even Garou. He also toured with the Sherbrooke singer and met his bassist Greg Morency. At the same time, the Cornwall-born musician always had his own band, wrote his own songs and gave his own shows. Until 2014, when the Paul Deslauriers Band (PDB), with the release of a homonymous album, became a much more serious affair.

In 2015, the PDB was chosen by the Blues Society of Montreal to represent Quebec at the 32nd International Blues Challenge (IBC) in Memphis … and was second on 119 candidates. And last January, the trio returned from Toronto with two Maple Blues awards, Blues Artist of the Year and Electric Blues Show of the Year. Greg Morency scratched the Blue Maple Leaf from the bassist of the year for the second year in a row, while drummer Sam Harrison came back with the drummer of the year trophy.

“These last two awards are given by industry, but the other two are awarded by the public. This is truly a great recognition for us. I am very happy with what has happened in the last two years! “Commented the musician, whose trio also launched a second opus last year, Relentless .

As for the IBC (which Dawn Tyler Watson, a close collaborator of Paul, won this year), he opened the doors of the circuit of the American rooms to the Paul Deslauriers Band. In September, the group will even perform three nights in Las Vegas.

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“The CWB is an event where all the people in the industry get together. So you have the chance to play in front of people who can make big differences for artists. It really propelled our career internationally. We perform regularly in the United States now, including several major festivals. We went there without waiting, because there was a lot of talent on the spot, but we were already delighted to have been chosen to represent Quebec. Once we got there, we tried to be the best possible Paul Deslauriers Band, to remain true to ourselves, “the musician reported.

Not that the group had never recorded a puck before 2014. On his solo album Ripping the Red (2007), Paul was accompanied by Greg and Sam. In 2013, the trio produced Enter the Gate , with the sitar player Anwar Kurshid. For his part, Paul is in ten albums, including two with Dawn Tyler Watson.

Great Chemistry

“But it’s been 17 years since Greg, Sam and I played together. Even if everyone has his plans to the left and right, they always try to find excuses to get together. There is great chemistry between us. So, three or four years ago, we joined the PDB. That was our way of telling us: that’s really what we want to do. We put all our efforts full time on the group … and the results followed. ”

The performance by the Paul Deslauriers Band is therefore composed of the pieces of the two most recent albums.

“A blues-rock evening by a power trio , in the classic sense. Each of the three musicians has its place, with much spontaneity and improvisation. It reminds modern bands like Cream, Led Zeppelin or The Jimi Hendrix Experience, all of them guitar-bass-drums. The soul of that period is brought back. But there are still milder and more delicate moments among the more muscular ones. Everything is played out in the shade. People will not have an hour and a half of a brother’s amp , “he laughs.