Paul McCartney once again crossed the Zebra crossing from the cover of the Beatles album “Abbey Road”, this time shod

Пол Маккартни снова перешел зебру с обложки альбома Beatles “Abbey Road”, на сей раз обутым

British musician Paul McCartney gave at Abbey Road studios a small concert in support of his new album, Egypt Station. To get to the destination, he again crossed the footpath depicted on the cover of the legendary album the Beatles – Abbey Road. Video McCartney was published on his page in Instagram.

In the video you can see the crowd of fans that gathered at the same “Zebra”, and you hear the fans loud shouts greeted his idol. Memorable moment took to chronicle the daughter of sir Paul, Mary McCartney.


Does, polirani Paul McCartney (@paulmccartney) 23 Lip 2018 R. 5:23 PDT

Note that at this time, the musician was crossing the road clad in sandals, although the cover he walks barefoot. This fact was associated with one of the conspiracy theories. According to the urban legend that McCartney had died in 1966 and was replaced with a double. According to some fans walking on the Zebra crossing, the musicians hinted at the death of Paul, portraying a funeral procession. The legendary photo of the front steps dressed in white John Lennon, which supposedly symbolizes the priest, followed by Ringo Starr in a suit, symbolizing the representative of the funeral home, closes the procession George Harrison in jeans – he plays the role of the gravedigger. And McCartney himself is the penultimate – he closed his eyes, he is not stepping up with the rest and he’s not wearing that allegedly hinted that he is in this procession is a dead man.

Пол Маккартни снова перешел зебру с обложки альбома Beatles “Abbey Road”, на сей раз обутым

Recall that for the cover of the album Abbey Road was done on 8 Aug 1964. The author of the picture is the photographer Iain Macmillan. His creation has earned such popularity that even hit the frame of the idler named Paul Cole became famous. And parked at the time of shooting on the side of a Volkswagen Beetle with the number LMW281F was later sold at auction for 2530 pounds. In 2011, the album cover was ranked the 26th place in the list of best album covers of all time by readers of the online edition of Music Radar.

As reported, the seventeenth solo album by Paul McCartney Egypt Station will be released on 7 September of this year.

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