Pavlenko on the negotiations For life and opposition bloc: I believe in the Union and a single candidate from the South-East

Павленко о переговорах За життя и Оппоблока: Я верю в объединение и единого кандидата от юго-востока

Negotiations of the party “Opposition bloc” and the party “For life” on the eve of elections in 2019 continue. It is not excluded that the party can unite and choose a single candidate from the South-East of Ukraine. This broadcast “112 Ukraine”, said MP from “opposition bloc” Yuriy Pavlenko.

“I can’t speak about any negotiations that take place, but as a member of the faction, I very much support and believe that the Union at the level of the faction on the level of the political forces, representatives of which are today members of the faction “Opposition bloc”, “For life”, perhaps other political forces or parties, as the newly and previously established that it is the only powerful opposition party, which will be released for the parliamentary elections. But before that, I believe that will be as chosen a single candidate in the presidential election, the presidential candidate of Ukraine”, – he said.

“This debate is obviously ongoing, it is conducted. I believe that will be selected the best, highest-rated candidate who can show the best results and to represent the “Opposition bloc”. I don’t even rule out that to win the presidential campaign. For its part, as a member of the faction, as leader of one of the regional organizations, I support Yuri Boiko as a single Candida from the Opposition bloc and opposition forces, which are combined into a single unit… I Hope the discussion will be completed by autumn,” he added.

Note that the next presidential elections in Ukraine must pass in the spring of 2019. Several candidates have already announced their desire to run for President.

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