People tell us of their worst expenses

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Who had not already spent on a whim to regret it bitterly afterwards?

We surveyed several people in order to know what have been their worst purchases to date. The stories were so many that we decided to separate the best of the worst categories.

Real estate and deco

Marie-Eve, I bought a bed base at IKEA for my twin mattresses. After 4 hours of editing difficult, I discovered that it was a base for a mattress King…bumping his knees night and morning has become a real passion for me!


Audrey I bought a “closet” at Walmart. Result: my hangers do not fit not even and the doors were crooked. I had thrown away the box so I haven’t been able to get a refund. A beautiful 120 $ in the vacuum!

Virginia I wanted to write a long cover for my lounge chair so I shopped on Amazon. I find the rare pearl and the command. It arrives a few days later and I discover that it is not larger than a small mat.

Roman A florist gave me a plant that was nearing its end, saying to me “you’re just buying the pot”. Packed by his generosity, I accepted, of course. The pot was 120 $, the plant is dead after a month.


Jasmine At 16 years old, I bought myself a car with a loan (and a lot of interest) about 6 years ago. My package included mags that I had to pay at least three times to date. Six years later, I realized it was really a bad idea.


Mickael A Nissan Maxima with big mags, tint mirror, a sound system with a big subwoofer and some changes under the hood to impress the ladies. All of it bought on a line of credit.

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Vincent I bought my second car for $ 3,000 plus $ 200 for mags 17 inch no inspected everything. A month and a half later, the engine jumped out and three of the four mags were broken. I resold the parts to a $500…


Sophie When I moved to Montreal, I écopais constantly of tickets parking. I have accumulated so much that I had to sell my car to pay them.


Simon We had bought tickets to a baseball game in Portland, Maine, while we were in Portland Oregon…

Frederick In a fairground, I spent 330 $ trying to launch a softball into a basket in the woods, in the hope of winning a scooter electric yellow.



Jean-Christophe , I purchased the wrong AirPods to $ 40. I’ve never been able to sync it with the sound of my camera. That’ll teach me.

Elliot I bought the new GoPro 7 to watch my downhill ski. I lost it after 5 runs.


Mathieu, My first agenda is “intelligent” to $ 600. At the time of purchase, I declined the warranty of the “broken window”. I escaped two weeks later and, of course, the glass is shattered into pieces. Kaput.

Hairstyle and fashion

Anne-Sophie In secondary 4, I decided that I was tired of my brown hair so I had them dye it black. Six months later, I wanted to go back to brown, so I returned to see the same hairdresser. I left the salon three hours later with a bill of $250.


Olympia I bought myself the high-heeled shoes Louboutin to $ 500 in rebates to 50% at 18 years. I’ve worn three times in nine years.

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Rosalie Student, I bought a coat very funky at $ 450, that I’ve ever worn. It is now part of my box of costumes.