Petitioner criticized the reduction of health care costs in the budget-2019: It’s killing Ukrainians

Богомолец раскритиковала сокращение расходов на здравоохранение в бюджете-2019: Это убивает украинцев

The government does not want to treat the Ukrainians, so the budget for next year reduced health care costs to 3.2% of GDP, purposefully killing domestic medicine. This was written by MP and the Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on health Olga Bogomolets on his page in Facebook.

“If in 2018, spending on health was 3.5% of GDP, in the next budget it is expected that only 3.2%. The trend is clear – the importance of medicine for the officials in comparison with other areas falling year after year. To treat the Ukrainians and save them the tools the oligarchs do not want”, – said the MP.

According to her, officials had planned to budget even less, but the parliamentary Committee on health was able to force the health Ministry to allocate additional UAH 1.2 billion. However, according to petitioner, this in no way changes the overall picture: domestic medicine purposefully kill, and next year the consequences will be irreversible.

“Judge for yourself: if the design needs of 50 billion hryvnia in primary medicine stands only 15.3 billion, will she be able to fully function? If an ambulance needs 11 billion, and 4 billion is allocated only then will we be able to count on the full help? Because the allocated funds are not enough even for the payment in full of allowances and bonuses to employees of the emergency medical care provided by the legislation”, – said the MP.

She noted that, according to the draft budget 2019, providing patients with the necessary medications will be covered only 37%. The remaining 63% or will find their own money for treatment, or, according to the parliamentarian, condemned to death. She also noted that the payment of minimum wages to workers in the amount of UAH 4173 need 89,1 billion. In the budget for medical subvention is allocated only 55,5 billion.

“Will the doctors a year to work in squalid conditions? Not whether they will start again the tens of thousands to leave to neighboring countries to treat their citizens? To save the medicine can only real reform based on the introduction of compulsory state health insurance and proper healthcare funding in the amount of at least 5% of GDP. This is the lowest rate of spending on health, which is able to stop the rapid extinction of the nation and which is necessary to provide immediately. But on the basis of the policy pursued by the government, it sounds like fiction. And while in power will remain an oligarchic mercenaries to protect the Ukrainians will be nobody” – summed up the petitioner.

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