Petitioner: the Government is beneficial to Ukraine became less medical and population

Богомолец: Правительству выгодно, чтобы в Украине становилось меньше медиков и населения

Today many people in the government want to create a situation in which Ukraine has reduced the number of hospitals, physicians become less and less in the General population. Such an opinion in his Facebook expressed people’s Deputy of Ukraine and Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on health Olga Bogomolets.

“Cynical medical genocide creeps in Ukraine. Just facts and figures. But for every pain and tears of the people and hatred of this government. Every year Ukrainians becomes less than 200 thousand. As a result, 100 family physicians annually will lose their jobs due to the reduction of the population (standard of Ministry of health – 2000 people per family doctor). The result is an annual saving the government money on medicine primary care (when you pay an average of UAH 500 per year for a patient’s family doctor) is 100 million UAH. Every five years we are getting less than a million, and the corresponding figures are multiplied by 5,” wrote the petitioner.

According to her, now in Ukraine there was a difficult situation with unpaid salaries of medical personnel, and provoked this situation unprofessional actions of the Ministry of health.

“The cynicism and incompetence of the government is astounding. They can provide timely payment of even the meager wages that today are doctors in our country. For several months in Ukraine, the doctors and nurses do not get paid at all. The total amount of debt in 11 regions of Ukraine on salaries in the medical field has exceeded 100 million. And before that, the Ministry of health approached consciously, because during the formation of the budget deliberately laid a humiliating small funds for payment of work of physicians. Therefore, the deficit at the end of the year was quite predictable and deliberately arranged. And so for the second year in a row,” – said the MP.

She believes that the Ministry of health make reforms only on paper, to report to international organizations.

“Meanwhile, the leadership of the Ministry of health employs more than important than the lives of people issues, it does “reform”! But these fake reforms are not for the people. This reform for papers and reports to international and donor organizations. Many people today are beneficial to Ukraine has closed hospitals, fewer doctors and less of the population”, – assured the Chairman of the relevant Council Committee.

The MP called on finally to appoint a professional Minister of health and to bring to justice those persons who provoked the loss of human potential of Ukraine.

“I believe there is nothing more expensive in Ukraine than the preservation of human potential. People – the most precious treasure of our state. From the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada I once again stressed that the need to report to the acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun before Parliament. For the entire last term of Parliament she found time to report to the deputies, although it is deeply unprofessional and intentional actions led to the disastrous situation in medicine and the rapid loss of our human potential. This can’t continue. We must stop the medical genocide of Ukrainians, to appoint a professional Minister of health, and bring the perpetrators to justice”, – concluded Olga Bogomolets.

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