Petra Ecclestone officially divorced : An agreement has been found with James Stunt

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Petra Ecclestone and her husband James Stunt – Night pre-wedding of Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild at the mansion, Spencer House, London. July 9, 2015.

The couple shared a fortune estimated at more than 8 billion euros.

Petra Ecclestone is relieved, her billionaire dad Bernie Ecclestone, too. Then she would have been able to get involved in a divorce history, the youngest daughter of magnate Formula 1 has finalized its break with the wealthy businessman James Stunt Thursday, 12 October, avoiding months of procedure and combat, while billions of euros were at stake.

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Petra Ecclestone separated from James Stunt : A divorce 7 billion dollars !

Married for six years to the father of his daughter Lavinia (4 years) and his twin Andrew Kulbir and James Robert Fredrick Stunt Jr (2 years), Petra Ecclestone criticized its excesses of violence. If the fortune of the youngest daughter of Bernie Ecclestone was not in danger, thanks to the signing of a prenuptial agreement worth $ 20 million before the marriage, the relief of knowing they are finally free does not remain about it less entire.

The divorce was officially pronounced at a hearing, express, five-minute, organized in London, to the court at the Central London Family Court. Neither Petra Ecclestone (28 years) and James Stunt (35 years old) attended. “I’m just happy that this is over,” commented Bernie Ecclestone to the MailOnline, adding that a family lunch was planned in the wake, but without the champagne and with no big celebration. For his part, James Stunt is much less enthusiastic. “I am devastated that my marriage has collapsed. I love Petra and my children,” he commented following the hearing.

No details on the agreement reached between the two parties has not been delivered.

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