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Christiant Karembeu and Jackie Chamoun were married last may. Today, they are the parents of a little girl. On November 1st, the mom has posted an adorable video of the newborn. And he already has a good full head of hair.

Christian Karembeu is the happy dad of a little girl. This is revealed in the latest issue ofHere, Paris!The little bundle of joy would be born in mid-September. The wife of former footballer, Jackie Chamoun, skier, professional, has published a video of the little on his account Instagram. Already very hairy, the baby has a small smile, and wears a bodysuit ” I Love my grandma (I love my grand-mother). Several shots of the small are already appeared on the account of the young mom who seems totally gaga.

This is Adriana Karembeu, the former of the footballer, who was announced as the champion of the world 98 was going to be a dad. They parted ways in good term. The couple remained married for 12 years without success to have children. Today, remarried to the businessman Aram Ohanian, Adriana has still retained the name of her ex-husband for his public life. Since their union, Adriana Karembeu and Aram Ohanian are trying to have a child. The former top model has tried everything to get pregnant. But she knows that at age 45, the possibilities are much reduced. Last April she told the magazine Paris Match, the distress she has experienced after undergoing a miscarriage at 7 weeks of pregnancy. Since then, she said to start thinking about adoption. Last resort to achieve his dream of becoming a mother.

Let’s p!ay ❤️

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My daughter gives me wings ❤️

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