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“To live happy, live hidden! “ This adage, Jenifer has made his own since forever, so that his career started on all the tv screens with its participation in the Star Academy on TF1. The singer has often felt watched by photographers, and has always protected his love of the media frenzy. On the occasion of its 35th anniversary, back on the men in her life.

Jenifer celebrates its 35 years. The opportunity to return images on the HP love the singer. With Ambrose, a restorer of his native country, Corsica, she found her haven of peace and balance… Away from accusations of aggression : it would have assaulted a photographer, and would, according to the director of the agency that employs him, ” badly bruised “. She was placed in custody at the end of the month of January 2016.In the past, the old juror of The Voice has already shown his temper with the paparazzi, that she considers to be the equivalent of ” rats “. In the show C à vous, which it described as such.

C‘is a bit like that, they live in their car, at the bottom, now you wait and you watch.” If the singer is famous for his shots of blood to the photographers too intrusive, it is, above all, to protect her children, 13 and 2 years, and the men she loved (visible in the slide show above).

She was in Paris Match that”in love, it’s complicated” for her. The young woman has gone through ups and downs. While everything seems to be going better now with his new companion, this great brown beard, who ” makes them crazy “ according to Here, withhis side, virile, ex-champion of the rally-biker ” who ” impose “, she doesn’t want everything to be spoiled by pictures stolen, and becomes protective.

It could pay dearly for this protection of her private life. But it is without a doubt its mediterranean temperament which takes over when Jenifer feels vulnerable.

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