Physicists from the US have solved the mystery of the “ultrasonic weapons” Cuba

Физики из США раскрыли тайну "ультразвукового оружия" Кубы

The mysterious “ultrasonic weapons”, on which he complained to the U.S. Embassy staff in Cuba, does not exist in reality – it was a byproduct of several harmless bugs, say scientists from the US and China.

“Even if ultrasound really stunned Embassy employees and damaged their brains, then its source was not the “ultrasonic weapons”, and cross-distortion, resulting from the interaction of two ultrasonic signals, and spawned a lot of unpleasant noise. In other words, no one set goals to harm diplomats – it all happened randomly,” write the authors.

In August last year, broke another spy international scandal – the staff of the U.S. Embassy in Cuba has accused the island authorities that they had been hidden “ultrasonic attack” with some new forms of weapons. These attacks, as they write the American media, started in December 2016 and continued until the beginning of September 2017, depriving the ear and causing serious health problems at least 24 diplomats.

As reported themselves victims of this “attack”, they constantly heard a very loud, sharp sounds, like the clank and rattle of the friction of metal structures, causing them a very sharp pain when he was in certain points or at home, or inside the Embassy. Life in such a situation has deprived many of them of the hearing, and some diplomats complained of constant nausea and an inability to remember certain words and information.

These statements immediately caused a lot of criticism among security officers and scientists – the human ear can not hear the ultrasound, and the ultrasonic waves themselves are not, in principle, can cause the brain damage which later told doctors who examined the victims of the “attack”.

As expressed then, a physicist from MIT, this could happen only if diplomats dived head first into the pool, whose walls were covered with powerful ultrasound transducers. However, the US authorities did not abandon such theories and promised to deal with the situation and punish the guilty, starting the investigation, the main suspects in which immediately became Russia, and Cuba.

Kevin Fu (Kevin Fu), a physicist from the University of Michigan in Ann arbor (USA), and colleagues from Zhejiang University (China) analyzed the examples of “ultrasonic vibrations”, recorded on a smartphone by Embassy staff and published in the media, and figured out how could be born a “weapon”.

Experimental spionage

As physicists say, they are primarily interested in how the beams of ultrasound could produce sounds that can hear. According to them, this is only possible if these waves interacted with some other objects, giving rise to other types of acoustic waves.

Following this idea, the researchers analyzed records and came across his unusual feature. According to them, these sounds resemble the structure of the so-called cross distortion that occurs when mixing two or more signals.

The origin, as shown by the experiments of physicists, most likely, were hidden microphones and other equipment using narrow beams of ultrasound to transmit the recorded sound intelligence officers Cuba or some other spyware.

When these beams intersect, they generated a lot of noise and distortion near the point where such a collision, as well as within the microphone and in the inner ear of a person. Them as think Fu and his colleagues heard the Embassy staff.

Such eavesdropping devices, according to physicists, are not prohibitively difficult – they managed to create their own “spy network” and to reproduce those sounds which are caused by noise in the ultrasonic signal using the normal phones and parts from radio shack.

Moreover, as physicists joke that they have managed to improve is the “ultrasonic weapons”, learning to control the volume of sounds that are generated by the noises, and use them to transmit meaningful information. All this, according to scientists, says that spy scandal in Cuba was caused by a relatively harmless eavesdropping devices, not the mythical sound of weapons.