You pick mushrooms? Be careful not to pick a plum!

Mushroom picking is not a completely free activity. Depending on where you pick up these “natural fruits of the earth” you may be exposed to fines rather salty.

Contrary to popular belief, mushroom picking is not a completely free activity. Indeed, fungi -considérés as natural fruits of the earth-owned by the owner of the land on which they grow.
And you must know, only the latter or the representative of the National Forestry Office (ONF) for massive managed by this organization can give permission to harvest.
In practice, in state forests and those managed by the ONF, family gathering for personal consumption is allowed. But many prefectural orders prohibit or restrict the harvest of certain fungi.
A fine of 150 euros to 750 euros
However, if you pick up without permission on private property, in this case there is theft. And if you are caught in the act, you will be liable to a fine of 150 euros, which amount will be increased to 750 euros if your collection exceeds five liters. In addition, the owner may reclaim harvested mushrooms or require the payment of damages.
Finally, no need to invoke the absence of signs prohibiting harvest. This is not an obligation for the owner to establish one. Besides the lack of panels does not allow you to enter private property to pick ceps!

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