Pierre Harvey shocked by treating Sherbrooks as “tatas”

tatas” and “monkeys.”

“South Sudan is dying but our tatas in Sherbrooke are worried about Costco … Ye! Bravo the monkeys: I hear nothing, I see nothing and I say nothing … “, he wrote.

Mr. Harvey attacked councilors who voted against the city’s contract to his consulting firm in May. At that time, Councilor Jean-François Rouleau had demanded the termination of the contract with Harvey International, whose services were retained in the file of the airport of Sherbrooke. Pierre Harvey had finally sent a letter of apology to the municipal council.

Jean-François Rouleau said he was surprised and disappointed by this new comment from Mr. Harvey. “I have always had doubts about Mr. Harvey’s judgment. It is very clear this time that he has a problem of credibility. This individual should not have any mandates from the City. I hope that the office of the mayor’s office will take account of this blatant insult to the council and the citizens. I have never seen a vendor criticize the decisions of the City publicly in 20 years. ”

Annie Godbout also responded, notably in response to a citizen asking her opinion on Facebook, where she wrote, “I think Mr. Harvey needs attention. Be sure we’re going to give it to him … ”

In a telephone interview, she admits to being shocked at the sight of such remarks. “Again, he makes unacceptable comments about his position as a city supplier. It’s scary to be disrespectful to the Sherbrooke people. It is not clear who it is, but ultimately it is the taxpayers who pay their wages. I hope that the general management and the office of the town hall will put on their panties. From what I understand, he has already had a written warning. I would not understand why we could not withdraw his contract. Already his false excuses had been badly received. ”

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Hélène Dauphinais felt the comment was inappropriate. “He does not have to treat people from tatas because they share a different position. It is a lack of respect for the elected officials. Making decisions is part of our work. The file was much broader than the Costco. We agreed to make room for other businesses. He shows contempt for our work and I do not see why the City would work with someone who does not hold elected officials in esteem. There is not a company that respects its employees who would continue to work with someone like that. ”

Mayor Bernard Sévigny explained that he was aware of the situation. “I read his remarks. We are in the process of analyzing the situation with the branch and the legal services. There is no decision to take until now. These are words that do not belong in the public square as a contractor of the City of Sherbrooke. We’re looking at the whole file, I do not know how far we’ll go. If we take the time to analyze the situation, it is a position that we do not share at the outset. It’s very legal when we talk about contracts. ”