Pierre Paradis will come out of the shade to meet mayors

(Cowansville) Brome-Missisquoi MPP Pierre Paradis will meet with the mayors of his riding in the coming weeks. Representatives of his constituency office have contacted some mayors in the past few days to advise them.

Two mayors with whom we spoke on Friday confirmed the information. “We were asked what subjects we would like to discuss with the member,” said one of them, who asked not to be identified.

The situation in which Mr. Paradis is located is “delicate”, according to this source.

The MP was stripped of his title of Minister of Agriculture and expelled from the Liberal caucus on January 19 after a former employee from his office in Quebec City filed a complaint with the Sûreté du Québec for acts of sexual misconduct.

The information published by La Presse + reports four incidents that would have occurred in 2014 and 2015.

Since the beginning of this case, Mr. Paradis has not appeared in the National Assembly or made any public or official appearance.

The two mayors interviewed do not intend to question Mr. Paradis about these events. “We will not get involved in this. It does not concern us, “said one of them.

Every year, Mr. Paradis organizes a meeting attended by all the mayors in his constituency. It is always held in May or June. This year, however, the date of the meeting has not yet been announced to the mayors.

Meeting with the SQ

Mr. Paradis finally met Thursday morning the investigators of the SQ, confirmed to the Voice of the spokesman Aurélie Guindon.

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Recall that Mr. Paradis was treated for a concussion following a fall on horseback, for which he is still recovering, occurred shortly before the scandal broke out. The SQ had already been able to discuss with the complainant.

The maintenance of the police force with the member for Brome-Missisquoi will allow completion of the investigation file, which is to be forwarded shortly to the Office of the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) for possible charges. M said to me Guindon.