Pilgrim about the problems with vaccination: the State should provide high-quality affordable vaccines of every Ukrainian

Богомолец о проблемах с вакцинацией: Государство должно обеспечить качественными доступными вакцинами каждого украинца

Problems with the vaccination of the population is a consequence of violations of existing laws by the government in General and MoH in particular. Such a statement in the program “Politics of health” on the TV channel NewsOne was made by MP, Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on health Olga Bogomolets.

“We have laws on ensuring sanitary and epidemic wellbeing, approving the national immunization program was written clearly: the state should provide high-quality affordable vaccines of every Ukrainian. And the fact that it is not today the direct responsibility of the Executive. I, as a representative of the legislature, say that we have all the laws that are needed for structural legal reform passed,” – said the MP.

According to her, now in Ukraine there is a serious threat of polio epidemics, because the country occupies one of last places in the ranking of immunity from the disease among the European States.

“According to the report of the European regional Commission for poliomyelitis as of today we are the only country in which collective immunity against polio is critically low. Russia, for comparison, has a higher level of immunity, it is – 90% of this disease. Measles compared to polio is just the beginning. In comparison with those consequences that may arise. It is a terrible death and disability. This is what will happen if we don’t start doing proper vaccination against polio”, – said the MP.

Bohomolets also said that in Ukraine due to the lack of vaccines and proper control by the Ministry of health is also a serious threat of epidemics of rabies, plague and botulism.

“We urgently need to get the Ministry of health professionally, adequately, and responsibly work. In Ukraine there is the problem of rabies, the problem of the plague – and at the same time, the Ministry of health destroys the only Ukrainian anti-plague institution. Destroys the Institute, because it gives him money and thinks he’s not doing his job. That is, doing absolutely meaningless things,” – said the politician.

She also added that he will continue to demand that the Ministry imported only quality vaccines, because they are purchased through international organizations, which make the delivery almost two years after 100% prepayment by the state, and not properly checked.

“We have to get the Ministry of health to return to the standards in 2016, which fully meet all European protocols. Unfortunately, those people who tell the truth, today the Ministry of health is trying to get rid of. This also applies to the Chairman of the service Mrs Gudz (Chairman of the Administration Natalia Gudz, ed.), this also applies to doctors Okhmadet who dared to say that there is no medication for the treatment of cancer patients. In response, the Ministry of health officials didn’t just fire the doctors – they closed the whole Department! And this is happening today, in “democratic country”. If we were truly democratic country, the leaders Mandriva long ago would not exist in their places!” – concluded Olga Bogomolets.

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