Pilgrim: Today, we have the medicine allocated 3.5% of GDP to 7%

Богомолец: Сегодня у нас на медицину выделяется 3,5% ВВП, а нужно 7%

To the health care system in Ukraine work efficiently, it is necessary to spend 3.5% of GDP, as it is now, and at least 7%. On this during the program “Parallel” on the TV channel “Really here” said the people’s Deputy of Ukraine, Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on health Olga Bogomolets.

“Today we have to health allocated 3.5% of GDP, but in order for the system to work, you need 7%. After all, when there is no money, when money is “not going” for the patient, it does not apply to the hospital. Accordingly, the hospital closes. I do not exclude that next year, before the election, the government will find the necessary funds, but then immediately after the election is the collapse of the hryvnia, which by that time will try to keep. Horrible mass closure of hospitals will also occur next year. And yet people do not feel in full of the crisis that awaits us in a year,” warned the MP.

According to her, without the introduction of compulsory health insurance the health care reform in Ukraine will not take place.

“Payment for the service – it was the first step of health reform, was then adopted our bill. The second step should be the introduction of compulsory state health insurance. Without this reform, as without the second wing does not fly. The treatment should be available to people. And now we are funding about 30% service and 70 – no. Who chooses who to allocate the funds and who doesn’t? Child to save and which not to save?” – outraged the head of the relevant Committee.

She also told me what medical services are underfunded.

“Most of all requires funding not primary – it was just very cheap. But the funding of secondary, tertiary level – although this would need only 20 percent of patients is the operation that cost hundreds of thousands of hryvnia. This stenting, bypass surgery, joint replacement, neurosurgery and trauma surgery. In fact, today we need another of the same budget that is currently allocated for medicine to close the minimum needs of the population”, – said Olga Bogomolets.

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