Playing continuously boosts sales of songs in the United States

Photo: Pedro Ruiz The Duty
The growth of consumption only music streaming has jumped by more than 50% year on year.

Sales of songs have again increased with force in 2017 in the United States, taking advantage of the growth of services listening flow, announced on Wednesday the firm BuzzAngle Music.


The music consumption total increased from 12.8 % in volume last year in the most important global market, more than tripling the increase of 4.2 % recorded in the previous year.


The services of listening in continuously, under the impulse of the group Swedish Spotify, have quickly taken over the downloads operated from platforms such as iTunes have revolutionized the music industry a few years ago.


Thus, according to BuzzAngle Music, nearly three times the songs have been heard continuously each day in the United States (1.67 billion) than all of the songs downloaded on the set of the year (563,7 million).


The growth of consumption only music streaming has jumped by more than 50 % year on year. According to the firm, more than 80 % of these faces were drawn from sites by subscription.

Growing competition

But all is not rosy : many artists complain that they receive only a small portion of the profits in this new arena.


Wixen Music Publishing, which owns in particular the rights to Neil Young and The Doors, has launched the last week of action against Spotify, claiming $ 1.6 billion. The editor says that the Swedish firm does not have the required permissions needed to provide its catalog of 30 million songs.


Spotify also faces increasing competition with the arrival of services offered by behemoths such as Apple and Amazon, or the French Deezer and the platform Tidal, Jay-Z.


By the way, if the album sales have continued to fall in 2017, an exception was observed for a medium : the vinyl, which has seen a growth of 20 % thanks to a surge of affection to fans and collectors.


The rock and the old titles have largely distanced itself from the other musical styles in the vinyl, but the biggest sale last year was the original soundtrack of the blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), with titles including David Bowie and Marvin Gaye.


All media, the biggest selling album was Reputation of Taylor Swift with nearly 1.9 million copies, said BuzzAngle Music. The pop star has kept her album off sites listening continuously for three weeks to maximize sales.


After the vinyl, another historical backing seems to be experiencing a certain revival : the cassette tape. The number of copies sold has doubled in 2017, but not to exceed 100000.